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My name is Heather Dawn Wright, and I hope you enjoy reading my 1st book of self-published poetry called Spiritual Whispers to the Soul. I currently teach computer technology courses full time for a local community college in Boone, NC. However, my passion is in the areas of spirituality and writing. Because of these two passions, I felt led by God to create my own publishing company called Colorful Spirit Publishing, and I thank God for giving me the inspiration to write this 1st book. My dream is to continue writing more self-published books of poetry, nonfiction, and short stories that reflect the nature of human struggles and how through the spiritual world we are able to overcome them. In a world where there is so much pain and suffering, it is nice to know that we can have faith in God and know He is the great healer and comfort to us when times are hard. 
Each of the poems in this book are reflections of many of my own hardships, yet through faith and perseverance, God has and continues to give me the strength to endure them. My hope and prayer is that He will give you the same courage and determination to know that there is spiritual wisdom to be discovered even in your current problems and to not lose hope that brighter days are ahead. I hope my book continues to touch your soul and gives you great spiritual insight as your lives continue to unfold.
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Spiritual Whispers to the Soul

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